Our Story


Our Story

Our Story


B29 is the perfect shop for you if you are passionate about cars and motorcycles. All our maintenance and cleaning products are manufactured from high-grade materials in order to offer you the best quality. At B29, we apply the principle 'more product at a fair price’. That is why we introduce packages of 750ml and 1L. This way you as a consumer can make your car shine like new without having to pay extra. So you get more for less.

In addition to the necessary accessories to shine up your car or motorcycle, B29 also provides cleaning, waxing and protective products for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Each product has been developed especially with the aim of providing an extremely high gloss and long-term protection. For your convenience B29 combines various maintenance features into a new end product such as B29 Polish & Wax.

All products are developed and manufactured in Belgium. On the product label you can find user-friendly icons, a simple color code and a Q-code link to our site. Here you can find all information about the use and the application of each product along with some helpful tips and videos.


B29 came to life to protect and conserve the things we and our clients cherish and care about: our cars, motors, boats, … Our idea was to create products for tuned or older cars as well as products for new vehicles that need a quick and long-lasting upkeep. We strongly believe that B29 offers the best protection that is technically possible and that thanks to our experiences and motivation we are able to keep the maintenance short and on a regular base.

We created B29 for bringing joy and pride to the driver driving his machine and to the passengers sharing the experience.

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