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Last modification on May 1, 2015

1. General

The registered office of company B29 Universal SL is situated in ES-07814 Santa Gertrudis, Apartado Correos 33, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain and VAT number ES B57900904 is responsible for the processing of your personal data on the website (website)

B29 Universal SL abides as a Spanish Company by the Spanish ‘‘Ley Orgánica de protección de datos de carácter personal’ and other applicable laws and regulations.

1. Collected Personal data

2.1. The data you fill in

In the registration form on the website: email

2.2. The automatic collected data

Certain data are collected by cookies: for more information about our cookie policy see bottom of this document.

Certain data can be collected without being saved in cookies. These data can only be read by B29 Uniserval SL and only during the duration of your visit to the website. This includes: 1°) the TCP/IP address 2°) the type and version of your navigation system 3°) the latest webpage visited.

The personal data shared by commercial partners

In these hypothesis the commercial partners of B29 Universal SL guarantee the visitors that the commercial partner have permission to share the personal data concerned.

1. Objectives of processing

3.1. General objectives

Your personal data is collected to:

offer you the services provided on the website;

improve market research of the content and technical quality of the website;

provide information, send emails about various offers that could interest you;

manage the technical administration of the website;

draw up statistics or conduct a survey, only after making the data anonymous, concerning the total number of visitors for each subdivision of the website.

3.2. Direct marketing and communication to third parties

Your personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will never be communicated to third parties or will never be used for direct marketing objectives, unless B29 Universal SL received your explicit prior permission (“opt-in”) on your registration.

You can reverse your permission at any moment without motivation and free by sending an email to (email)

3.3. Serious violations

In case of a serious violations of the law your personal data can, at request, be provided to the competent authorities.

1. Duration the data are kept

All personal data are saved for a period that is necessary to deliver the service by B29 Universal SL.

1. Right of access and correction

You have the right to take note of your personal data and change or correct them, free and at any moment, by sending an email to (email) or by mail to the address mentioned in article 1 of these Privacy & Cookie Policy, and attached with a copy of your identity card.

You have the choice to share your personal data with B29 Universal SL or not. You might not have access to certain services if you do not fill in your personal data on the order form and that you are the sole responsible for the correctness of the data you share with B29 Universal SL.

1. Right of opposition

You can exercise your right of opposition against the processing of your personal data for serious and legitimate reasons by sending an email to (email). You cannot exercise your right of opposition against the processing of your personal data if this is necessary for the execution of the contractual obligations.

1. Safety and confidentiality

B29 Universal SL developed safety precautions adapted to the technical and organizational field to avoid the destruction, loss, forgery, modification, unauthorized access or communication, by mistake, of the personal data on the website to third parties and also every other unauthorized processing of these data.

Under no circumstances can B29 Universal SL be held liable for an direct or indirect damage caused by wrongful or unlawful use of the personal data by a third party.

Some links, hyperlinks or references to other websites shown on our website are not monitored by B29 Universal SL and do not apply these Privacy & Cookie Policy. These websites are not managed by B29 Universal SL. B29 Universal cannot be held liable for the content, offers, products, services mentioned on such websites. Since the Privacy and Cookie Policy varies for each website, B29 Universal SL advises you to read the privacy regulations of each website you visit.

1. Cookies

8.1. Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your user preferences from other users of our website. This helps us to improve your user experience as well as to optimize our website.

Cookies and similar technologies do not allow us to collect systematically data to identify the users of our website. Their function is to help us improve our website, understand the interest of our users and measure the effectiveness of the content on our website.

As a result of recent amendments all website oriented to certain prats of the European Union are obliged to ask your consent to use and safe cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. This cookie policy offers you clear and complete information on the cookies we use and their objective. We ask you to carefully read the privacy rules that apply to our website.

For more information about this Cookie Policy, email us: (EMAIL ADRES)

8.2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is small text and number file we store in your browser or on the hard drive of your computer. This way we remember your user preferences of our website.

The moment you visit our website your permission will be asked to install the various categories of cookies we use.

8.3. Types of Cookies

Cookies can be subdivided according to their source, function and life span.

First-party cookies are cookies that are installed by a website the moment the user opens the website (i.e. Cookies installed by (EMAIL ADRES)).

Third-party cookies are cookies that are installed by a different domain than the website opened by the user. When a user visits a website and a third party installs a cookie via that website, that is a third-party cookie (i.e. cookies installed by Google, Facebook and Twitter).

Functional cookies are cookies needed to run the website smoothly (i.e. cookies for the login, registration, language preferences, baskets, etc.) Functional cookies are a type of first-party cookies.

Non-functional cookies are cookies installed for statistical, social, targeting and commercial purposes. They have nothing to do with the technical support of the website. Cookies for statistical purposes allow us to see which web pages you visit, to localize your computer, etc. Cookies for social purposes allow the user to share the content of the visited website on social media. Cookies for targeting purposes help us make a profile based on your browsing history to target advertisements based on your interest. Cookies for commercial purposes track how many and what advertisements were targeted to a user. Non-functional cookies can be first-party or third-party cookies.

Persistent cookies: these cookies stay on the user’s device for the duration fixed in the cookie. They are activated every time the user visits the website that installed that cookie (i.e. cookies installed by social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.). Most non-functional cookies are persistent cookies.

Session cookies: these cookies allow the website to simplify the doings of a user and link them during a browser session. A browser session starts when the user opens the browser screen and end when he closes the browser screen. Session cookies are installed temporarily. When the browser is closed, all session cookies are deleted. Most functional cookies are session cookies.

8.4. Your consent

During your first visit to our website you will be asked to accept our different types of cookies. You can refuse or allow cookies by category. You always have the choice to change you cookie settings for our website via the hyperlink at the bottom of our website and thus revoke your consent. Visiting the website is possible without accepting the cookies.

8.5. Change your browser settings

Your web browser allows you to change your cookie settings. These settings can, in most cases, be found in the menu ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ of your web browser. In order to understand these settings, the following links might be useful. If not, see the ‘help’ function on your web browser for more details.

  • • Cookies setting in Internet Explorer
  • • Cookies setting in Mozilla Firefox
  • • Cookies setting in Chrome
  • • Cookies setting in Safari

8.6. More information about cookies

Information about cookies

You can find more useful information about cookies on:

Internet Advertising Bureau

The lobby of digital marketers has drawn up a guide on online behavioral advertising and online privacy. Link to the guide:

8.7. The cookies we use on our website

9. Governing law and jurisdiction clause

This Privacy and Cookie Policy shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with Spanish law, which applies exclusively to litigation.

The courts of Spain have sole jurisdiction to rule on any dispute that might arise from the interpretation or execution of this Privacy and Cookie Policy.

10. Acceptance

By visiting the website and at the latest at the time of your order, you accept all terms of this Privacy & Cookie Policy and you agree that your B29 Universal SL collects and processes personal data in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Policy.