Terms and Conditions

B29 Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for online sale by B29 Universal SL,

Last change: 15 August 2015


Table of content

Article 1. Identity of the buyer

Article 2. Applicability

Article 3. Our offer and your order

Article 4. Right if withdrawal

Article 5. Price

Article 6. Payment

Article 7. Conformity and guarantee

Article 8. Delivery and execution

Article 9. Force majeure

Article 10. Intellectual propriety

Article 11. Complaints and disputes


Article 1 identity of the buyer:

We are:

The company to Spanish law B29 Universal SL,

Apartado Correos 33,

ES-07814 Santa Gertrudis,

Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Tax exempt number : ES B57900904


Phone number: +34971578300


Article 2. Applicability

1. Our general conditions apply to all offers, be it ours as Web shop or yours as consumer (all natural persons who, only for non-professional purposes, receive or use marketed products of services).

2. We only deliver in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Spain. We have the power to refuse orders having a delivery address in any other country.

3. You must be at least 18 years old to place an order. If you have reached the age of 18, we ask you to let your parents or rightful guardian place the order. If we see that an order has been placed by a minor, we have the power to refuse that order.

4. When placing an online offer on our website you expressly accept our general terms of sale, which you can find on our website.

5. All online orders contain a confirmation of the order and, at the latest on delivery, a copy of these terms and conditions in a format you can safe or print. We recommend you to do this for all orders you make.

6. It besides these terms and conditions additional special conditions apply as well, the aforementioned applies to these special conditions. In case our terms and conditions are opposed with these special conditions, you as a consumer have the right to call on the text that is the most beneficial for you.

7. Occassionly you can find us on exhibitions. If you place an order with us at an exhibition, the aforementioned terms and conditions apply and you have the rights mentioned in these terms and conditions. We always have you sign an order form. You receive a proof of payment and a printed or electronic copy of these terms and conditions.


Article 3. Our offer and your order

1. We always describe, as complete and accurate as possible, what we sell and how the order process works. This description will always contain enough details to help you make a judgement. All images shown are a true representation of our offered goods and/or services. To err is human, so when we made an obvious mistake we are not obliged to deliver anymore.

2. Your order is complete and the agreement between us is final the moment we confirm your order by mail and as soon as we received the approval from your card issuer of your payment transaction by credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact … When your card issuer refuses the payment we cannot be held liable for any delays of delivery and/or not delivery of your order. Orders done without a valid payment by name of the registered card holder are not accepted or processed.

3. On our website, in the manual and safety precautions, which are delivered together with our products, we explicitly point out that some of our products may contain hazardous materials and that in all cases you follow the manual and safety precautions when using the product. We can not be held liable for any losses, injuries or damages, be it direct or indirect, or any consequential damages caused by wrongful use of any of our sold products.


Article 4. Right if withdrawal

1. For all goods you buy that are meant for private use you have 14 days from the day of delivery the right to keep the goods or not. In which case you have the right to return your order without being fined and without having to give a reason of return (expenses for this are to be paid for by you). Within 14 days after we have received your returned order or you have declared that you will renounce the agreement, we will refund you the full purchase price by the same method of payment you used.

2. Contrary to the aforementioned, the following goods cannot be returned:

  • Cleaning products, maintenance products and chemical products that are closed with a tamper evident closures with a broken seal.
  • Goods with an expiration date
  • Goods fabricated according to your size or request or personalized goods tailored to your requirements.

3. The direct costs for returning goods are to be paid for by you. We will mention the cost or an estimation in case the costs cannot be calculated before. For goods that are impossible to return by mail will be collected at your place without any additional costs.

4. We will repay you once we have received the returned goods or you have proofed that you returned the goods, depending which happens first.

5. During the first 14 days after delivery we expect you to handle the order and packing with care. If you want to return the goods as mentioned above, you can only unpack or use them in order to decide to keep or return the goods. Preferably goods are returned in their original packing. Returned goods are to be returned together with all delivered accessories and in the original state and packing according to the instructions below.

6. To exercise your right of withdrawal, for both services and goods, you need to fill out the form below and send this to [adres waar het formulier mag worden naartoe gestuurd]. We will send you an acknowledgement of you withdrawal by mail.


Article 5: Price

During the periods mentioned in our offer prices will not change, except for price changes due to changes in VAT rates.

Our prices include all taxes, VAT and services. Still, we have the power to decide to charge the shipping costs on top of the purchase price. If this is the case this will be mentioned before the purchase is final.

For our professional customers prices excluding VAT can be obtained on request.


Article 6: Payment

1. We can only accept payments via the payment modules on our website.

2. To provide a safe online payment and guarantee the safety of your personal data, the transaction data are decoded using SSL Technology. You do not need any specific software to pay using SSL. You recognize a secure SSL connection by the "lock" on your status bar of your browser.


Article 7: Conformity and guarantee

1. We guarantee that our goods are in accordance with your order and meet the normal expectations you may have considering the specifications of the product. We guarantee as well that all our goods comply with the existing laws on the moment of your order.

2. Concerning the delivery of goods, we apply, where applicable, the legal minimum warranty period as it applies in your country in case the good is not in accordance with the placed order. This means that failed or defected goods within this period and in compliance with the terms stipulated by your local legislation will be fixed or changed, free of charge.


Article 8: Delivery and execution

1. All goods and services are delivered to the address you filled in when placing the order.

2. In your order confirmation you can find more information about the delivery period. Our delivery periods are binding.

3. In case it is impossible to deliver on time, you will be notified before the end of the fixed delivery period. If you were not notified in time you are allowed to cancel your order for free. If this is the case we will repay you within 30 days after the cancellation.

4. We carry the risk of our deliveries. You do not have to worry about goods getting lost in the mail. Only for goods you do not wish to keep that you send back within 14 days after purchase you carry the risk for the transport.

5. If the delivered goods were damaged during transport, do not match the items on the order form or are not the items you ordered, you have to notify us within three days and send the items back within 14 calendar days after receipt.

We cannot be held liable for any consequential loss due to late or non-delivery of the transporter appointed by the company. If this happens, our liability is limited to the value of the items for which can be proofed that the client did not receive them.


Article 9: Force majeure

1. In case of force majeure we are no longer obliged to meet our obligations. In that case we can either postpone our obligation for the duration of the force majeure or annul the contract.

2. Force majeure contains all circumstances that happen beyond our intention and control that completely or partially prevent us to fulfill our obligations. This includes: strike actions, fire, interruption of operations, energy failures, failures in (telecommunication) networks or connections or used communication systems and/or when our website is offline, the late or non-delivery of a subcontractor or other appointed third parties, …


Article 10: Intellectual propriety

1. Our website, logo, texts, photo’s, names and in general all our communication are protected by intellectual property rights be it ours, our subcontractors or other rightful claimants.

2. It is prohibited to use and/or make changes in the intellectual property rights as stated in this article. It is prohibited to copy or reproduce drawings, photo’s, names, texts, logos, color combinations, etc. without prior and express written permission.


Article 11: Complaints and disputes

1. The Buyer expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights related to the information provided, communications or other statements concerning the products and / or the Website are owned by us, our suppliers or other copyright holders .

2. It is prohibited for the Buyer to use and / or make changes to intellectual property rights as described in this article , such as to reproduce them without our prior written permission.


4. The Spanish law is exclusively applicable on all contracts with our customers, regardless of their place of residence. All disputes that are related to or arising from our offers are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Spanish courts and tribunals. If , for reasons of international law , another law would be applicable anyway , it will be interpreted primarily in accordance with the Spanish Law on market practices and consumer protection.